Is it legal to parachute from a building?

The three men who parachuted down from the top of the World Trade Center last September and their lookout were arrested Monday. But aside from the obvious crime of trespassing, is it legal to parachute from a building in New York City? The answer is no, if the building is more than 50 feet tall. […]

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Who can attend the inauguration of Mayor Bill de Blasio?

It’s shaping up to be the hottest New Year’s party in town — and it it won’t be watching the ball drop. On Jan. 1 New York City’s new mayor, comptroller and public advocate will be sworn in on the steps of City Hall. And for the first time in recent memory, members of the public will be be there.

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Who can get Sandy recovery aid in New York?

The New York World is following the money from Washington to New York, as billions of dollars of storm recovery and rebuilding funds authorized by Congress flow to the region. We’ll be posting regular updates about how the money is (and isn’t) being spent

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